12 September, 2011

Nice Journal - Autumn 2011 - 7

Monday, 12th September, 2011

Lisa didn't feel any better this morning so she called Perry to say that we would stay up in Cessole for the day. I made coffee and we walked up to Monoprix via the pharmacy below our apartment where we got a nasal spay for Lisa. We got quite a lot of food for the next couple of days and some olives and mustard to take back to Cambridge. We rested up in the sitting room for a while before having something to eat for lunch at 2pm.

Lisa made us a picnic of reheated roast chicken, bread, cheeses and saucisson which we spread out on the coffee table in the sitting room and ate, mostly with our fingers. We enjoyed a 2010 Coteaux d'Aix en Provence rosé with the lunch.

After a couple of hours sitting with our respective iPads, Lisa (with my assistance) began to prepare dish of eggplant parmagiana which went into the oven to bake for a while. Almost as soon as the apartment was filled with the scent of baked aubergine, it was time to take the dish out and let it cool for a while before serving. The flavour was very intense, with a powerful aubergine taste which I really liked. We had a glass or two each of a 2008 Cahors that we had put by in the cupboard. After two portions each, we were both quite sated with eggplant parmagianna so we called it quits and I cleaned up the kitchen while Lisa snoozed on the couch.

Lisa headed for bed at 10:30 and I followed immediately afterwards.

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