10 September, 2007

Barbie-pink pop-up tent

"It's very pink!" I said. And so it is. But, hey, if you want to buy a pop-up tent in September you can't afford to be too choosey. The idea is that it'll extend our use of the garden into the early autumn as the weather cools. As you can see from the photo, the WiFi from the house reaches out here so we can e-mail, Flikr, blog or Facebook or just read the paper and listen to TheJazz on the DAB radio Lisa got for my birthday.

Talking of birthdays, yesterday Robbie (our youngest feline) celebrated his first birthday. We're not certain of the actual date but, counting back six weeks from when we first got him (based on how old he appeared to be), we hit on 9/9 as a memorable date to fix as his "official" birthday. Having rescued (in one way or another) all our cats we don't have accurate dates of birth for any of them but we celebrate Thomas on May Bank Holiday and Sofia on 17th January.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, earlier this evening I uploaded a note about Malcom Saville's Mystery at Witchend to by books blog. Yes, I finally plucked up courage to read to first of the Lone Pine books; almost a year after our inspirational trip to Church Stretton and around forty years since first reading the books. I'm delighted, and not a little relieved, to discover that it was every bit as readable as I'd hoped and remembered. Now I can go on to seek out some more of the titles with confidence that I'll enjoy reading them.