22 January, 2007

Mei Hua cooks duck

Lisa's work colleague, Mei Hua, came over on Saturday to cook a duck (Chinese style) with us. I say "with us" but in truth Mei Hua ran the show and Lisa and I were her more than willing sous-chefs. To begin with much attention was lavished on the duck itself then, while the duck was roasting, Mei Hua concocted a delicious accompanying dish of mackerel on a bed of sliced vegetables topped with sliced omelette. Not content with that, she whipped up a truly home-style Chinese soup as a starter and then tossed off a dozen pancakes in which to wrap the main course. Stunning food that was matched by the fun and laughter that filled the kitchen all evening long. We can't wait to do it again!

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origamifreak said...

Looks tasty!

My friend Kathie makes duck - and bakes it with cooked rice in the cavity! Aside from the lovely crunchy skin, I think that duck-infused rice is one of the best parts...

She innovated folding those pancakes into layers so you end up with abot 4-5 really thin ones in each, that you can peel apart.